Candle Jar


Crafted with a signature soy & beeswax blend. Scented with premium fragrance & essential oils that are phthalate-free.  These candles are contained in an 8 oz. jar, have pure cotton core wicks, and 45+ hr burn time. Choose from three seasonal scents!

Campfire: Woody and toasty, this one envelopes you in a soft sweater of spice. Amber leaps out of the crisp night air as clove and sandalwood bring up the rear, with a hint of smoky roasted marshmallow to top it all off! Notes: smoke, cedar and oud wood. 

Harvest MoonThis bold fragrance is full of autumnal blessings. A blend of patchouli, cinnamon and cedar make this a moonlit delight! Mysterious and dusky, you'll love this spicy scent all year round. notes: patchouli, cedar and spice. 

Rose Sandalwood: Romantic and uninhibited, this is a summer walk in a secluded rose garden with gentle waft of a sandalwood fan. Our Rose Sandalwood captures the verdant essence of a blooming rose while allowing the milky softness of sandalwood to shine through in a fresh, sophisticated way. Devotees of either scent will adore this one. 

Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Lucky Honeybee
Lucky Honeybee creates thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly candles and apothecary goods. They've got an eye for the environment in every aspect of their practice: from domestically produced wax, to ethically sourced essential oils, to choosing recycled content for their packaging, they pay attention to the details so you don’t have to!

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