Cross Cut Tree Coasters
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These wooden coasters are designed to look like cross cuts from a tree and would make a great gift for the tree-hugger in your life. Tree rings can tell us so much about a tree’s growth, development and environment. Many factors can affect the shape, thickness, color, and uniformity of the rings, telling each tree’s individual story. These cross cut coasters are made with love from Benoit’s Design studio in Westbrook, Maine, to celebrate the environment and the trees within it. Each coaster has a story of its own, just like the trees they represent.  

Handmade and laser engraved
3.75” in diameter
Set of 4 coasters with gift box included
Made in Maine

birch wood

Meet the Maker ~ Benoit’s Design Co.
Benoit’s Design Co. is a laser cutting and engraving studio in Westbrook, Maine, driven by a passion for design and technology. The company was founded by Greg Benoit in 2014 after he graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in Industrial Design. Inspiration for the name came from an old Maine family business Benoit’s Clothing store. Greg remembers stories from his childhood that his Grandpa would tell of the Benoit’s Clothing store and its importance to the Greater Portland community. He hopes Benoit’s Design Co. will have a similar impact in his own creative community. Greg believes it’s imperative to live and love what you do, and he runs his company by that same mantra. 

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