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Farmhouse Soap: When aggravated skin needs attention, people reach for oatmeal; it's well-known to soften and calm irritated skin. the farmhouse soap is a deeply-moisturizing and nourishing bar that will leave you feeling smooth and soft. It's got a subtle nutty sweet aroma, like honey almond.

Wild Honey Soap: What do bees do? They work. And work. And work. And that’s what this honey soap does, too. It’s packed with bee goodness – including propolis which is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s rich in minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which are beneficial in rebuilding damaged and tired skin. Skin calming oatmeal and warm honey directly from our farm’s hive will transform your bathing ritual into all-out skin bliss! Notes of warm honey and almond, and scents like freshly-baked goods at the farmhouse, will remind you of Spring mornings - alive with pollinators buzzing about among the flowers.

Wild Maine Blueberry Soap: Ever eat a blueberry pie and love it so much you wish you could bathe in it? Well, wish granted! Wild Maine Blueberry Soap smells like lush blueberry fields on a warm breezy summer day. Given their antioxidant power-punch, we love blueberries for renewing and restoring your skin – you’ll be moisturized and smell delicious! Nom nom… 

Soaps are individually hand-cut, so weight may vary
Made in United States

Meet the Maker: Primitive House Farm
Located in coastal southern Maine, on the eastern coast of the United States, Primitive House Farm has been a family-run enterprise for over 15 years. They believe that everyone should have a touch of coastal farm living. Living in Maine, they are fortunate to live near the ocean -- but situated a bit more inland where there is lush vegetation, soil, and trees. Rooted in the very heart of where they grew up, their products are inspired by the sea and its rich minerals and beneficial ingredients; while also evoking calm and serenity from the natural beauty of growing, harvesting, and living the farm life. The never test on animals, and send a portion of profits to charities all around the world who work to protect animal welfare.