Tattoo - Flower


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These are perfect for slipping into cards or gifts for friends! I especially enjoy picking the perfect flower and intention to fit the moment and the recipient.
 ~Rachel, Assistant Editor

These temporary tattoos feature a hand painted botanical design paired with a healing message and intention. Each pack contains three tattoos, the plant’s spirit message, and a suggested affirmation to use as you apply.  Temporary tattoos are printed with non-toxic inks and when properly applied should last 3-7 days. Place them on clean dry skin, avoiding areas with natural creases or hair, for the best results. Longevity is improved by using a little moisturizer on them once or twice a day. Gently scrub with soap and water to remove.

Flower & Intention: Chamomile • Stability, Dandelion • Release, Hawthorn • Courage, Iris • Inspiration, Rose • Joy, Stargazer Lily • Surrender, Sunflower • Confidence, Yarrow • Boundaries

2 inches (square)
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Soulflower
Lisa Estabrook, creator of Soulflower, is a mother, a graphic designer, an artist and an obsessive gardener. She has spent the last 30 years working in her gardens and loves learning about plants from this direct connection with them. The solace and healing she derives from her garden inspires her artwork.

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