Forest Tonic
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This Maine-woods formula was created with the outdoors enthusiast in mind. Filled with roots, herbs, berries, mushrooms, and tree medicine, this tonic has the taste of forest and spice. From forest canopies, mossy forest floors, and hedgerows comes a strong anti-inflammatory tonic that supports deep immune health and function. Daily doses of this tonic offer support for those suffering the effects of Lyme disease and musculoskeletal issues.   

(Read more about Lauren Pignatello, the owner of Swallowtail Farm, in Taproot Issue 26::HEAL.)

Specifics: 4 oz.

Ingredients: turmeric, pine, ginger, elderberry, plus a trio of chaga, reishi and turkey tail mushrooms, honey and spring water. A bit of brandy as a preservative.

We recommend consulting a medical professional before using any new products or supplements.

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