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Garlic Plate
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This dish is handmade with a rough textured center where you can grate a fresh clove of garlic.  For a quick and delicious appetizer, grate a garlic clove on the textured center of the plate, pour olive oil over it, and dip in your bread! Try adding balsamic vinegar, sea salt, or a pinch of cayenne pepper. A great gift for any garlic lover!

Approximately 5 ½ inch diameter.
Dishwasher safe.
“How To Use Your Garlic Plate” instruction card included.

Red earthenware clay
Majolica glaze
Ceramic stains

Meet the Maker ~ Kaitlyn Duggan
Kaitlyn Duggan makes one-of-a-kind, functional pottery pieces using red earthenware clay. The forms she makes are simple and classic so as to give the decoration a chance to sing uninterrupted. During her time at Maine College of Art, she learned about the stains and brushwork of the majolica traditions. Through a series of glaze tests, she discovered a way of adding definition, color and lines to her work using the technique of glaze trailing. Today, she uses a combination of these techniques to enliven the surface of her pottery with a visual depth and subtle tactility. Kaitlyn’s designs and work have have been coming through her all her life. When she began making pottery eight years ago, the process and purpose of working in clay resonated with an inner drive. Having work for her hands that exercised her patience and demanded a commitment were just the challenges she needed to in order to feel grounded and fulfilled. Kaitlyn is blessed to live on a beautiful small island off the coast of Maine, where the community is strong and connected, and where the quiet winter days give her the peace and space to make the work that she lives to do.


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