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Honeycomb Button Set
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For those of us who find value and joy in handmade, the early days of a new project can be downright exhilarating. The perfect pattern is found or drafted. Rolls and rolls of fabric are combed through. All the skeins get a squeeze looking for The One. After all the effort and love put into a cozy sweater or a hand sewn apron, we believe your work deserves a button made with just as much thought. When it comes to handmade, the finishings are just as important as the beginnings. And after you try handmade with one of these buttons, we think you’ll feel the same.

North Country Folkware ceramics are made by hand starting from the time our buttons are hand molded with clay until they are glazed by hand with our own in-house glazes. We love this homespun organic approach for the unique and varied wares it allows us to produce. From our hands to yours, with love.

Set of 2 ceramic buttons, measuring 7/8" each.

Meet the Maker ~ North Country Folkware
North Country Folkware is a shop homegrown and handmade on a homestead in coastal Maine. Julie and Craig Letowski strive to create useful and beautiful wares inspired by a simpler and more thoughtful life. Their goal is to make pieces that help you live your version of The Good Life. They specialize in ceramics, farm-functional knitwear and handmade buttons. On their humble 10 acres they lovingly raise a garden to feed their family, 2 ornery milk cows, a couple of heritage breed pigs, a motley crew of chickens plus one sweet rooster and a hoard of barn cats. When you support North Country Folkware, you play an integral part of making their homesteading world go ’round, and for that they are endlessly grateful.

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