Hummingbird Bird Nest Starter


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The 4" Globe Grapevine Hummingbird Bird Nest Nesting Ball is made with 100% Raw Alpaca Fiber. Each item comes with an attached hang tag with information/directions for use.

Treat your birds! All natural grapevine ball is filled with alpaca fiber.

Hang it outside under a tree or near a bird feeder for the birds. The birds will pull the fiber from the ball and use it to build their nests. It is best to hang it outside before nesting season.

Because it is made of all natural materials, it is fine for the ball to get wet, it will dry out again over time.

You can also use it indoors as an ornament or table decorations.

Made in the United States

Meet the Maker: Alpaca Key Farm
Situated among the rolling hills of Mt. Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania. The animals enjoy a bucolic 57-acre farm that snugs up against 175+ acres of adjacent farmlands. Alpacas are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated for centuries by the Inca tribe of Peru, their previous fleece was worn only by royalty. Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic and incredibly soft on the skin. Alpacas are a very docile animal in which alpaca farmers take great care for.