The eleventh issue of Taproot, an independent, quarterly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates farm, food, family and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.


printed on FSC-Certified Paper
8.375 x 10 inches
full color
96 pages
perfect bound


essays about living a more connected life
Growing (Up) Fearless by Schirin Oeding
Amend. by Julia Shipley
The Gift of Failure by Marco Wilkinson
‘Mendfulness’ by Katrina Rodabaugh
The Hurricane in the Mudroom by Alana Chernila

recipes & crafts
Herbal First Aid by Holly Bellebuono
Skin and Hair Care Cornucopia by Ashley English
Essential Oils for Home Cleaning by Amber Moss Ek
Mind Your Microbes by Kirsten K. Shockey
Barn Sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Put a Patch On It by Em Falconbridge
Häuschen Doorstop by Jennifer Casa
Fall Planting for Spring Flowers by Erin Benzakein

the personal experience of more connected living
Stitching a Family Tree by Kirsten Rickert
Little House in the Modern World by Steve Soule
Broken Maple by Brett Ann Stanciu
Perfectly {Imperfect} by Meredith Winn
Hair of the Dog by Thorpe Moeckel

Please see our errata page for MEND.

Look for ISSUE 12::BREAD in November 2014!

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