The second issue of Taproot, an independent, quarterly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates local living through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.


Taproot: Living Fully, Digging Deeper
Issue 2 :: Paths
Late May 2012
8x10 inches, full color, 68 pages
perfect bound


essays about living a more connected life

There and Back Again by Rachael Miller
A Drop Out, Not a Failure by Ben Hewitt
For the Love of Milk by Stacy Brenner

recipes & crafts

Following My Bliss by Holly Bellebuono
Inch by Inch, Row by Row by Christine Chitnis
Fate, Family & the Sweet Life by Ashley English
The Story Staff by Maya Donenfeld
Healthy Snacks Fuel Performance by Cynthia Lair
Canned with Care, Labeled with Love by Jason Miller & Jenny Lee Fowler
Wandering through the Seasons by Phoebe Wahl

the personal experience of more connected living

Long Time Gone Amanda Blake Soule & Amy Dickerson
A Daily Walking Practice by Shari Altman
It Rises to Meet Us by Meredith Winn
The Path More Traveled By by Steve Soule
A Small Thing by Thorpe Moeckel
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