The ninth issue of Taproot, an independent, quarterly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates farm, food, family and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.


printed on FSC-Certified Paper
8.375 x 10 inches
full color
72 pages
perfect bound


essays about living a more connected life

Mountains Sing Harmony by Schirin Oeding
At Home in the World by Stacy Brenner & John Bliss
Feeding a Community by Project Grows
Tending the Inner Garden by Rachel Kaplan
The Medicine of Breath by Marianne Elliott

recipes & crafts

Essential Oil Blends by Amber Moss Ek
Opening Up in the Redwoods by Holly Bellebuono
Lola Shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Eat More Kraut by Kirsten K. Shockey
Cheers to Infused Liquors by Ashley English

the personal experience of more connected living

Scent Memory by Phoebe Wahl & Tobie Wahl
Pause. by Meredith Winn
Mold is Love by Thorpe Moeckel
Imaginary Air by Julia Shipley

Look for ISSUE 10::SEED in June 2014!

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