Lapel Pin - Tomato Pin Cushion


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This sweet and nostalgic design is the perfect adornment for your craft project bag or tote. This reminds me of learning to sew as a kid, and the classic pin cushion everyone started with! -Rachel, Assistant Editor

Tomato pin cushion enamel pin. Perfect for sewists and quilters!

0.75 x 1.25 inches
polished gold detailing

Meet the Maker: Justine Gilbuena
Justine Gilbuena is an illustrator and a one-woman shop based in Queens, New York.  She started designing because she loved the idea of sharing tiny pieces of art with other people in a more tangible way. Many of her designs are inspired by her childhood, growing up in a Filipino household, surrounded by old Singer sewing machines and danish butter cookie tins filled with needles and thread. She also enjoys creating items based off of the little things that make her happy: films, books, florals/forest findings, tea and croissants, and hopes that her work inspires the same sense of nostalgia and wonder for others.

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