Laundry Concentrate Paste


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It is like the current liquid laundry soap you use, just without the chemicals and plastic bottle waste! This is a paste concentrate-to-liquid formulation you dissolve at home using your own water & your own container. Refill your same container forever! No more tossing out big ole’ plastic laundry jugs. Each waste free laundry detergent bar dilutes to make enough liquid, plastic free laundry soap to wash up to 256 loads.

You can refill the same container and drastically reduce your plastic-waste at home. This zero-waste, plastic-free Laundry Paste is also budget-friendly. Safe for all machines including high-efficiency. EWG rated 'A'. Unscented. Made with coconut & olive oils, soap nuts liquid, yucca root powder, baking soda, salt, rosemary oleoresin & love!

Add 1 gallon of water to a container of your choice, drop in the Laundry Concentrate Paste. Let dissolve for 8 hours. 

Regular load - 1 Tablespoon
Large/Heavy Load - 2-4 Tablespoons

NOTE: Each bar is handmade, please allow for any slight variances in color or texture. These soaps have been cured for 1-2 weeks which provides a wonderfully hard, long-lasting bar without any preservatives. Using a draining soap dish between uses will help to preserve this quality

1 bar
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Tangie
Waste Free Products by Tangie offers a complete line of plastic-free and refillable household cleaning and body products. They are extremely proud of their efforts to get a liquid laundry soap and liquid hand soap into a concentrated paste form. There is nothing like these products on the market.