Lip Balm Kit Peppermint


Make 3 tubes of lip balm with our Peppermint Lip Balm Making Kit. Interested in making your own cosmetics? Good news! With this fun and easy kit, you can make your own refreshing, peppermint-flavored lip moisturizer.

Meet the Maker: Grow and Make
Grow and Make was founded in 2008 by Will Johnston, a high-tech entrepreneur who wanted to create something which would inspire people to use their hands and creativity to create. Having moved to Portland in 2003 to start a family, Will also wanted to be at home with his young children and starting Grow and Make afforded him that opportunity. Grow and Make has a mission of helping people to ‘Grow’ and ‘Make’ more of what they consume to promote a more sustainable life style. Our kits and business place an emphasis on sustainability and it’s our intent to help consumers to lessen their impact while becoming inspired and excited to create. All of our kits are made in Portland Oregon and all of the components are sourced in the USA. We have a business philosophy of A-Z sustainability in our business practices.

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