Maple French Rolling Pin


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This French Rolling Pin is just what your kitchen is missing! It’s made of maple, hand-shaped, sanded, and oiled. The design features tapered ends that allow for easy circular rotation, so you can finally roll out that perfect pie crust. The tapered ends are slenderly pointed, for an elegant look and ease of use. These are not your cookie cutter rolling pins!

Approx. 1 3/4” in diameter, 20” in length
Barrel rolling area is approx. 9” long

Meet the Maker ~ Vermont Rolling Pins
Vermont’s rolling hills, Green Mountains, and Lake Champlain have always attracted artisans of all kinds. The wood turner at Vermont Rolling Pins, in South Burlington, is a long-time Vermonter, with family roots in the state dating back to the 1600’s. He is passionate about his craft, and each piece he makes comes from the heart. His creative process begins by admiring the wood’s unique grains and colors, before working with the lathe to transform the wood into the desired shape. Each piece is hand-shaped, sanded for a smooth finish, and then oiled to enhance the wood’s grain and color. Vermont Rolling Pins takes pride in the craftsmanship and care behind their products. 

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