Marble Game Set


My kids have fun taking turns playing these games-- it's great to have on hand on those busy days when someone needs a little extra entertainment! -Katie, Marketing Manager

This set of 1-player strategy games is composed of 18 marbles, 2 (5x5 inch) baltic birch boards, 1 muslin marble bag for marble storage and instructions for each game listed on the back of the box.

2 games per set
packaged in kraft box with clear lid and sticker outlining rules
Made in the USA

Meet the Makers: Bright Beam Goods
At Bright Beam Goods, we believe that handmade things carry more meaning. They are special, unique, imbued with traces of the human hand, and they bring with them a sense of wonder and joy. That’s why we make our living making things. Bright Beam Goods was founded in 2010 by makers-in-chief Eve Trester-Wilson and Kristen von Minden—friends who share a background in architecture, a taste for power tools, and a passion for crafting. We make playful, high quality, hand-crafted treasures—things designed to make you smile! Each of our products is designed and produced from start to finish in our laser cutting workshop in Austin, TX with materials including wood, colorful acrylic, cork and paper. We put all our hearts—and our hands— into everything we make.

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