Minimalist Bud Vase


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A perfect little gift to brighten your loved one’s day, with a little extra color and shine! Pop a few daffodils or a tulip inside, and tada! -Rachel, Assistant Editor

This small bud vase has been glazed with a peachy, coral glaze and then finished with hand-painted gold leaf. Brushstrokes and pooling are evident in parts of the gold leaf to emphasize the handmade nature of the vase. Each piece is handmade and slightly different from the next – no two vase are ever the same. The vase’s simple form is designed to highlight whatever it holds.

Approx. 3.5 inches tall

Meet the Maker:  Honeycomb Studio
Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade porcelain shop created by Courtney Hamill. Working from her backyard studio in Atlanta's West Midtown district, Courtney designs and executes small-scale porcelain sculptures by hand. Each piece that comes from her studio has been hand-made, either on the wheel or cast from an original mold, one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike

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