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 "I can't wait to see when the moon cycle tells me to plant, harvest, fertilize and more!" ~ Katie, Marketing

This perpetual moon calendar shows you how to garden by the moon phases. By using the rotating wheel on this calendar, and the moon as your guide, you will be able to see on any given month when to plant, water, fertilize and harvest among other tasks. As farmers have done for years, using the moon to determine the appropriate time to take steps borrows from years knowledge of the moons importance and power in nature. This old fashioned, more organic way of making decisions in your garden can improve your success and allow the process to come full circle back to nature.

Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Sow the Magic
Sow The Magic is inspired by a singular enchantment with Mother Nature and a love of mystic designs. The family believes the answers to life are already at our fingertips in the form of plants, herbs and ancient wisdom. To inspire your journey, they curate a growing assortment of treasures including gemstones, tarot seeds, notebooks, jewelry and digital illustrations. Each item is intended to expand intuition, practice your own magic and cultivate a healing garden. Whether for your personal garden or given as the perfect gift, the goal is to create moments of lasting intention that benefit the Earth.