Moonlit Moors Literary Candle


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Emily Bronte writes in Wuthering Heights, "There was no moon, and everything beneath lay in misty darkness: not a light gleamed from any house, far or near all had been extinguished long ago." Inspired by those words and dark nights spent thinking and dreaming, this candle’s scent is made up of a lovely mixture of violet, orris, and musk flower which combine to form a sweet overtone to a bodied musk.  Scent: Violet, Orris, Muskflower

2 oz 

Meet the Maker: Hearth & Hammer
The makers behind Hearth & Hammer are Ariane Scholl & Andy Kenney, a couple of high school sweethearts living in their hometown of Batavia, Illinois.  All of their candles are made with hard work and a whole lot of love. Since the beginning the candles have been hand crafted and hand-poured using natural and high-quality ingredients, sourced from the US.

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