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If you are not a current subscriber, pre-ordering an issue is the best way to ensure you are  receiving a copy of Taproot! With our new pay per issue option, you'll be charged one issue at a time. Your first issue will be upcoming issue 60, LOVE. To start you will be charged for LOVE only. When our issue is ready to print you will be automatically charged during the preorders and you can opt out at any time. 

With pre-orders in place, we can print nearly an exact number of needed copies, leaving fewer “extra” issues each time (decreasing both our cost and the waste from potentially unsold issues). Pre-ordering will help provide the funds required to print an issue with our payments due at the time of printing, as well as save us on shipping costs when we can get issues sent in bulk mail (as they do currently with subscriptions). For more answers about the change in our subscription model, read here.

Shipping is included for preorders only.