“Pine Family” print on Kraft
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There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting information about plant species and subspecies. Within the Pine family alone there are currently 255 accepted species names. Woah! Brainstorm Studio did some research and concluded that there are 11 genera within the Pine Family (Pinaceae) and created this design to help you keep them straight. This poster presents these eleven genera with both common and scientific names (and used the scientific when there was only one accepted species name) along with a whimsical illustration inspired by these various types of pines. Brainstorm donates a percentage sales to the Arbor Day Foundation.

18" x 24" five color screenprint on Kraft paper
Signed and stamped
Made in the USA

Screenprint on Kraft paper

Meet the Maker ~ Brainstorm
Brainstorm is a design and print studio run by a husband/wife duo in Dover, New Hampshire. They’ve been in action since 2007, combining graphic design, illustration, home decor, and fine art printmaking to produce quality, well-made items that decorate homes all over the world. They are particularly inspired by science, nature and the outdoors, using art and design as forces for positivity, education, and environmental stewardship.

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