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Rabbit Enamel Cup ~ Set of 2
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Do you find handing kids their juice in glass a bit precarious? Drinking your camp coffee from plastic rather dissatisfying? Decorating your table with a centerpiece fairly nonsensical? So many conundrums, one answer: "Runner", a steel enamel tumbler from Maineland Design that is at once durable, satiating and charming. Designed by Andy Rosen, produced by Maineland. This is for a set of 2 matching cups.

10 oz each
dishwasher safe
designed in Maine
100% versatile

Steel Enamel

Meet the Maker ~ Maineland Design Co.
Maineland Design Co. is a family-owned, home-decor business that resides in the State of Maine, as have we, the founders of Maineland, for most of our lives. Our productions, designed by nationally recognized artist Andrew Rosen, embody the plainspoken charm of well-loved utilitarian objects, the New England no-nonsense approach to design and a penchant for folklore. Ultimately, we hope our home-decor wares provoke imaginative contemplation from their viewers and lend a playful elegance to the living space of their owners.

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