Recipe Cards Box


Recipe Card Box
A recipe box that not only keeps all your most precious family recipes, but one that is also a beautiful statement piece on your counter..and this is it! This custom wooden berry basket is a must-have in any kitchen! Fit 4x6 recipe cards. Made by One Canoe Two.

Taproot Recipe Cards
Set of 55 Recipe Cards including 35 of our favorite recipes from all 12 Taproot issues, 20 blank cards for your own favorites, and six divider cards. Look for Phoebe Wahl's Simple Hearty Bread, Ashley English's Blueberry Sonker and Rich Winter Herbal Hot Cocoa from Holly Bellebuono. Recipe box not included.

55 Cards and 6 dividers
4 x 6 inches
Printed on 100% recycled card stock in the USA. 

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