Reusable Sponge Set of 3


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Set includes two squishy sponges to use in more rooms of the house and one loofah without linen for more scrubbing. Every squishy sponge is handmade. Every set includes one two sided loofah and two squeezable linen sponges filled with untreated cotton batting. Sewn with cotton threading (not poly), these sponges are made with entirely sustainable textiles.

Botanical = Shadow Pink + Moss
Citrus = Tangerine + Marigold
Eventide = Lapiz + Lavender
Neutral = Flax + Iron

Sponges can be machine washed and tumble dried. Replace loofah scrubber every 3 or more months or more depending on usage. Due to it's natural fiber, loofah varies from light to dark.

Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Ardent Goods
Ardent Goods is small family business located in the bay area of California, they make all of the goods by hand in small batches and ship from their own facility. A collection of essential lifestyle goods carefully designed with form and function in mind. Passionate about incorporating sustainable elements into the ingredients and packaging. The mission is to create and develop beautiful products that inspire people to add more earth friendly goods to their homes.