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Northern Hemisphere Star Chart
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Map the common constellations seen in the night sky with this beautiful celestial poster.

size: 18” x 24”
2 color screen print
printed on 100 lb blue stock
Signed and stamped

Meet the Maker ~ Brainstorm
Briana Feola & Jason Snyder are Brainstorm. Brainstorm is the art print and illustration studio they unintentionally started in late 2007. After graduating college in New Jersey with bleak job prospects and idealistic ambitions to use the degrees they worked for (graphic design and printmaking/art ed), they found themselves loving their creative collaborations mixed with the hustle and challenge of selling posters. They eventually landed in New Hampshire where they continue the creative hustle. Brainstorm’s printmaking studio is in an awesome old mill building and they are grateful every single day that they've made it there and have been able to build this into something that their friends and family still don't fully understand. Subjects like science, the outdoors, food, and travel continually inspire our print work. The bulk of their days are filled with illustration and poster design, business-y administrative stuff, and keeping their wonderful retailers well-stocked with their goods. Sometimes they step outside of that world and do fun projects with other people. When they aren't printing, sketching, packing orders or managing income vs. expenses, they like to climb mountains.

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