Walnut Serving Board
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A medium sized serving board made of beautiful walnut. This serving board will become your family’s cherished heirloom, and it also makes a great housewarming or wedding present. It’s a perfect centerpiece on your table for any celebratory occasion.

approx size: 7 3/8" x 16" x 3/4"

Walnut wood

Meet the Maker ~ Riven
Matthew Hastings is a maker, designer and the owner of Riven. He believes that reduction and exploration are the keys to good design and a fulfilling, happy life. Less is less and means more room for your life. Matthew began his professional life in kitchens, and was immediately enamored with the world of cooking. He loved the direct, hands-on passing down of techniques and recipes that made him a part of the lineage going back generations. Cooking really spoke to him as it brought together craft, technique, and a deeper knowledge of the landscape of Vermont. After more than decade in the restaurant world, he decided that he needed a new path and Matthew landed in the Fine Woodworking program at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, VT. Encompassing everything from permaculture design to timber framing, Yestermorrow is a magnet for some of the most ecologically forward thinking people in the building and design worlds. Building furniture was looked at from many different angles, not just as a how-to. Sustainable forestry practices and low VOC finishing were just as important as solid wood joinery and wood selection. After completing the program in 2011, Matthew started the business that became Riven.

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