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Woodsmoke Soap ~ Set of 3
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Woodsmoke... need we say more? The smell of chimneys and warm homes, the smell of the stove in the center of a snowstorm, the smell of old kitchen hearths. This soap is warm and gentle and is tinted a faint green with french green clay. This sweet little soap will leave just a trace of your fireplace memory with you throughout the day.

(3) 4.5 ounce bars of Woodsmoke soap
Handmade in PA.
No palm oil.

Woodsmoke, smoke, french clay, elbow grease, love.

Meet the Maker ~ Thankful Sage Farm School
Thankful Sage Farm School is a way of life. It is that strong desire to grab a handful of earth, smell it, and carry that scent memory of it with you throughout the winter. It is surrounding yourself with handcrafts, old books and carefully chosen vintage pieces that remind us how we used to live, and how you live now. Thankful Sage Farm School is handcrafted soaps and candles, old good things, heartsongs, wood smoke and strong girl tools. Owned by Nichole Gerding, Thankful Sage Farm School, carefully crafts small batch soaps and candles, with organic and when possible, local ingredients. She scours barns, old homes, ruins, and unlikely places for beautiful vintage pieces for your home. It is with these handcrafted body products and old good things, that Thankful Sage Farm School hopes to capture a bit of memory left behind or deep within ourselves.

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