ISSUE 5 :: DREAM available now!

[gallery ids="428,426,425,432,436,435,433,424,427,430,429,434,431"] It's that time again to keep vigil by the mailbox for the next issue of Taproot. If you've subscribed, you should see your copy soon, if not, or if your subscription has lapsed, there's still time to subscribe or renew and get your copy.
It might seem incredibly corny to have the theme DREAM for our spring issue, but I'd like to suggest that it's anything but. Emerging from the depths of winter, we can use plenty of inspiration as we prepare for the mad dash that is the all-too-short growing season, at least here in the Northeast.
And this issue is filled with all manner of inspiring contributions sure to get your own juices flowing and imagination soaring with the possibilities that spring always brings. Kicking off the issue is Schirin Oeding's piece about the plight of honeybees. Hopefully you'll come away committed to lending a hand by setting up your own hive. Push a few pages in and you'll find Stacy Brenner suggesting an alternative to traditional farm ownership that could give aspiring farmers access to land and engage local communities in securing open lands for future generations.
We'll not shortshrift our Hands or Heart sections either. Following on the heels of her wonderful piece from Issue 4 about home cheesemaking, Louella Hill takes us on a journey to pick up some raw milk and then prepare kefir and spiced ghee (yummy!). New contributors Bridget Rose McKeen and Amy Thompson provide with us with ideas big and small for sharing the joys of family and commmuity, all while living closer to the ground. Regular contributors Ben Hewitt and Meredith Winn also add some heartfelt thoughts that will give you something to think about as you wander the rows poking your seedlings into the ground.
We're also releasing signed prints of art in Issue 5 from Clayton Thompson and Phoebe Wahl. Take a look below to see them or visit the Print Shop for our full selection. [gallery ids="439,437,440,438"] In other news, full details of the inaugural Taproot Gathering are now up, including class teachers and the full schedule. Head over and take a peek, won't you? We're really excited to see it all come together and hope to see you there. Remember, registration opens April 8. -jason