2019 Taproot Cover Arist ~ Jenny Kiker

Hello, 2019! We have been so busy here at Taproot lining up lots of goodness for the year to come - thoughtful and creative content from so many new contributors - and familiar faces too. We love how the start of the new year brings an opportunity to pause and examine what it is we do, what we want to do better, and how we can make all of that happen. That renewed and refreshing energy is always aided for us by the transition to a new Cover Artist.

The tradition of working with a different artist for our covers (and calendars) each year is special and exciting for us, and this year is no exception. We are thrilled to announce that Jenny Kiker will be creating our six cover images in 2019! Jenny (also known as Living Pattern) is an artist in South Florida who studies the shapes and colors of nature. She attended Savannah College of Art & Design, graduating with an Illustration major and Painting minor. She works to convey, abstract, and ultimately draw appreciation to nature. Her inspiration comes from simple day to day experiences, like inspecting plants and rocks or staring at a sunset trying to pick out every color to then reformulate it in layers. We are so honored to bring her work to the covers of Taproot, and can't wait for you to see what she's created! 

We hope you'll join us through 2019 as we continue to seek out and share more stories of farm, food, craft, and the art that connect us all.  To do so, subscribe today!


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