Share Taproot with your community! 

Share Taproot with your community! 

One of our favorite ways to connect with new readers and grow the Taproot community is through one of our favorite places—you guessed it—the library! 

We often hear from readers who picked up a copy at their local library and found something that resonated. They brought an issue home, sewed up a new tote bag, baked a cake, needle-felted a penguin, or shared a story they loved with their family. 

We love the way library subscriptions can make our content more accessible to a broader community and allow folks a chance to experience the magazine before committing to subscribing themselves. So, whether you're a longtime subscriber excited to share Taproot with like-minded folks in your town, or you've never seen the magazine in real life and would like to check it out ~ we encourage you to spread the word to your favorite librarian. (If we know our Taproot community...we're betting some of you are librarians yourselves!)

We've made it extra easy to spread the word ~ download and print this handy flyer to let your library know about us. We've heard from libraries that they love to receive recommendations directly from their community members. Plus we have special library-only discounts available for them.

Download, print, and share with your local library!