Subscription Update

Subscription Update
We are happy to tell you that, after a delay, Issue 59::STITCH is on the printing press at this very moment, with an anticipated in-home delivery date of mid-December. We are incredibly grateful for your support and patience during this challenging time in our publishing journey. 

We also want to inform you of a shift in our publishing model as we move forward. As many of our colleagues in the independent publishing world have recently shared*, the old and traditional way of magazine subscriptions is no longer sustainable for most of us. Fewer and fewer people subscribe to print magazines these days, and the always-rising printing and shipping costs make it nearly impossible to predict the actual cost of future issues. As a result, we are finding ourselves needing to shift slightly to continue to share the fantastic content that continues to flow our way, the many ideas that our team has for future issues, and fulfill our commitment to providing fair and equitable payment to our team, as well as the many contributors who share their time and talent with us. These values are essential to the heart of Taproot and our community, and honoring them is the only way forward for us. We know you support us in that decision! 

We will no longer be taking subscriptions or accepting renewals. If you are a current subscriber, we will honor the remainder of your subscription through future issues. We will shift to a slightly different publication schedule, resulting in 4 issues per year. These issues will be available for pre-order only or single issues once printed as supplies last. We will also print fewer “overage” copies with each print run. This means that issues will likely sell out quickly. Pre-ordering issues (if they are not covered under your current subscription) will be the best way to ensure you receive a copy while also supporting us by helping us anticipate printing numbers. All of this will save us significant money in unpurchased issues, cut down on paper waste, reduce our shipping impact, and lend itself to a slower, more peaceful, and thorough editorial process. 

We had already moved away from mass newsstand distribution in recent years, but we anticipate that being even more so now. You will find Taproot mainly on our website, in our Portland, Maine market, and at select small and independent shops (please support these amazing businesses, too! They keep economies local and support small makers!). 

A subscription to Taproot is often a much-loved gift to give during the holidays (a helpful financial boost for us each year), and removing subscriptions takes away that option. Instead, we hope you’ll consider one of our special gift bundles or a preorder of an issue to come (starting in December). And, of course, our online shop full of handmade curated goods supports us and a host of amazing creators' work.

We thank you for your kindness and support during this transition. It has been a challenging time for us, requiring some deep soul-searching as a team, but we know more than ever that there is more we want to do in the pages of Taproot, and we are grateful for your support in helping us do just that for as long as we are able. We are also thankful for your ongoing patience as we fine-tune our future plans**. We know this may be a confusing transition, so please reach out with your questions, and we will do our best to answer them.  

And on that, we wish you all a most beautiful start to your holiday season! In each of our homes, many inspirations will be manifested from the pages of Taproot - from recipes to crafts and more - and we hope the same for you and yours.