Published May 2012

Coral Roots (art)
The Social Workers (art)
Editor's Letter by Amanda Blake Soule
There and Back Again (essay)
A Dropout But Not a Failure (essay)
For the Love of Milk (essay)
Following My Bliss (recipes)
Inch by Inch, Row by Row (essay)
Fate, Family & the Sweet Life (recipes)
The Story Staff (craft project)
Healthy Snacks Fuel Performance (recipes)
Canned with Care, Labeled with Love (domestic art)
Canning Jar Lid Labels (art)
Wandering through the Seasons (art)
Long Time Gone: 40 Years of Midwifery at The Farm (photo essay)
A Daily Walking Practice (essay & photography)
The Path More Traveled By (essay)
A Small Thing (poetry)
Aspen (art)