Your Long Weekend To Do List!

Your Long Weekend To Do List!
‘Tis the season for…. To Do lists! All of us at Taproot are big fans of those almighty To Do lists, and want to share some of our most important ones for this time of year...
  • Take a slow and deep breath. Now take two more. 

  • Find a word or two that you want to be your guide for the weeks ahead. For years, mine (Amanda's) has been Slow, Simple, Special

  • Visit your making / baking / shopping / activity lists with that mantra in mind and cross three (or more!) things off. You can do it! Exhale…

  • Find a local artist or maker in your community and lend them your support with your purchasing power this season. Do what you can, and only that. Each single purchase matters to small and independent makers more than you know. Bonus? It feels good too.

  • Go for a walk. Each day if you can. Breathe deeply in the natural world and absorb the beauty around you and the people you may be with. As Megan Devine shares in SAVOR, "Experiences in the natural world are therapeutic....I am motivated to get out each day because I both know and can feel the benefits for my mind, body, and soul."

  • Do some baking – but only if it brings you joy! Two recent reader favorites are Olga's Bread in SUSTAIN and the Candied Orange Almond Cake in REFRESH. Plus, you can't go wrong with these Cinnamon Braids

  • Practice kindness – in your neighborhood and in your community. Is there someone that could use some attention, love, or maybe a batch of cookies to brighten their spirits and hearts?

  • Use your hands. Put on a favorite holiday movie or album, and then sit, breathe, and knit (or crochet, weave, carve, or whatever your hands crave!) EMERGEIMAGINE & AMEND are three of our most crafty recent issues ~ a great place to find your next project! 
  • Reflect on one of your favorite childhood winter memories, and then try to find a way to make that happen for a child in your life.

  • Skip all the fuss of buying decorations and elaborately displaying them (unless that’s what you love!). Instead, on that walk outside, what do you see? What elements of the natural world around you can you bring inside? We love Amanda Riley's tips and project ideas in CALM for keeping things simple and low-waste, but still plenty festive!

  • Be easy on yourself in the interest of being at peace and present. Will Grandma mind if her gift is wrapped in grocery bag paper instead of a handmade fabric one? Will your six-year-old niece be distraught if her hand-knit sweater arrives with one sleeve incomplete? Do you really need to make those bacon-wrapped dates in addition to all the other appetizers you have planned? The answer, usually, is no.

  • Go for another walk. Love the ones you’re with. Breathe. 

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous start to your holiday season!
-Team Taproot